A Name that shinned in the world fashion

Shalky is a name that shinned in the world fashion sky in a short period of time due to the detailed and high quality studies on the global level, in addition to the skill and passion the designer, Qassam AlQassam, has The name Shalky came from the superior fabric Shalky which is made of Kashmir wool merged with Swiss cotton which signify the authenticity of the fabric in the fashion world. The designer passion came from visiting the civilization and multicultural countries such as Greece, France, Italy, Egypt, India, and East Asia to add to Shalky its unique look. Beside his passion of design, he chose to up burst his road to the fashion world by his unique way of mixing the civilizations, cultures, and Eastern and Western styles.

Shalky QQ bags : designs has always impressed females by its unique details to give the collection a bold contemporary appeal. Precious leathers, rich finishing touches, unusual color contrasts render each item a class apart as to quality and style. Shalky QQ bags are categorized by : purses, clutches and shoulder bags

SHOES :Qassem Qassem inspired by the classic concept of formal elegance , always takes on a fresh touch of glamour and a strong artisanal imprint. using an excellent manufacturing process and the most comfortable lasts, Shalky QQ use Italian leather and snake leather as materials

ACCESSORIES : Shalky QQ has an extardinary collection of accessories meeting the international quality product standards using medical metals and Italian leathers . they synchronize all Shalky QQ products together and they add beauty to the brand.

MATERIALS : Shalky QQ uses the finest and most luxurious natural fabric types of natural silk, chiffon and taffeta, and organza and chanton.

PRINTING : Shalky QQ uses two types of printing, either manually drawing by professional painters, or by using digital printing, which is the latest method of printing the finest natural materials without affecting the texture or the color accuracy

SEWING : Shalky QQ uses two tailors with considerable experience in order to maintain the most accurate details of the piece and the professionalism of sewing

HANDCRAFTS : needlework and embroidery carried out by skilled workers and Shalky QQ keen to implement all this handwork professionally, giving the piece a high artistic value

ACCESSORIES : Shalky enriches its models by harmonizing with the best and the finest accessories to give the piece luxury and elegance

THE FINAL LOOK : Shalky QQ is always attentive and meticulous on the display of its pieces and designs in a proper manner under the name of QQ, which matches with the taste of Schalke QQ, therefore has a team specialized in the work of final revision of the piece and to highlight its beauty and elegance.